Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown Cardio Dance System Review

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown Cardio Dance System Review

Zumba fitness is a dance craze which is becoming popular all over the world. It is a fan, fast and super efficient way of getting the fitness and toning results which you are dreaming of in a short span of time.

If you are ready to lose fat and have a great time at the same time, the Zumba Fitness DVD set is here for you. With the Zumba dance DVD, you can experience a fun and intense workout that can really help you burn fat fast.

What is Zumba Incredible Cardio System?

This is a new DVD system filled with fun, easy to follow dance-fitness workouts. It also comes with healthy eating guides to help you reach your weight loss objective in less time and feel unbelievable about yourself.

Features of Zumba Incredible Cardio System

Sole Control Wraps

This enhances the range of your movement and permits you to glide, turn and pivot with ease. It features a training zone guide, weekly workout planner, stretches and many more.

Nutrition Guide

It comes with healthy recipes as well as nutrition tips for utmost results


  • DVD One: Fast Start: Know the fundamental of Zumba fitness and get moving. Try new steps with total body and calorie torching exercises.
  • DVD Two: Super Cardio Dance that feature burst interval: Provide your workout with an additional fat burning kick. The super cardio dance is fun and full of energy. You’ll do thirty-second spurts which yield remarkable results
  • DVD Three: Zumba Max: Prepared to sweat it off with the Zumba Max.
  • DVD Four: Latin Burst: Move your body to the tune of salsa, meringue as well as reggae.

The Zumba fitness DVD set is for you if:

You enjoy workout. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, intermediate or professional exerciser as the Zumba fitness DVD set will work for you. Ready your towel as this will surely make you sweat a lot.

You don’t want group fitness session, but enjoy dancing far from other individuals. With this product, you can dance right at the comfort of your own home. For 90 dollars, you can do Zumba on your own.

You love Zumba. This DVD set is more glitzy as well as showy. You love choreography based trainings and want challenges through following a complex dance routine.

Pros and Cons

Like any workout products available out there, the Zumba fitness DVD set also comes with advantages and disadvantages.


Zumba Slimdown Cardio DVD system comes with remarkable array of trainings, dance styles, music as well as instructors. A lot of users comment on the mixture of longer and shorter workouts.

They were also astounded with the number of dances included in the program. The music is really exceptional as well.

A lot of the trainings included come with a Learn It edition, wherein you perform the whole workout with word cueing from various instructors. It also has a Feel It version wherein you can switch off the verbal cueing.

It’s a great addition especially for those who are not a fan of verbal cueing from gurus or instructors.

The workouts included in Zumba Slimdown Cardio DVD system come with high energy party feeling that provides them with an additional boost.

The level of production on the Zumba Slimdown Cardio DVD system is remarkable. It has lots of colors and light and has high quality sound.

All the workouts are exciting and fun and encourage you to dance.


The Zumba Slimdown Cardio DVD system also comes with disadvantages such as:

Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD SetThe instructor banter could be a bit annoying and cheesy, but you can switch it off if you are a professional or accustomed to the steps and do not want cueing.

The steps could be hard to follow, especially if you are a beginner. However, the Zumba Slimdown Cardio DVD system is simple to follow if the moves or steps are being broken down gradually. However, once they are included into a fast paced practice, it gets hard and complicated.

Even if the level of production is energetic, colorful as well as evocative, this may not be for everyone. It is fascinating to look at, but could also be distracting and affect your capability to concentrate on the steps in the training when you are not used to it.

Zumba Slimdown Cardio DVD system has some strange portions wherein the coach freestyles. It leaves you standing there and thinking what you are supposed to be performing.

However, Zumba fitness has always had a philosophy of move-how-your-body-wants-to-move, so this portion might be exciting and freeing for a number of people.

All in all, the Zumba Slimdown Cardio DVD system is indeed a good and reliable weight loss product that can really help you lose weight fast and effectively.

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