Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 DVD Workout Review

Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit – DVD Workout Review

Shaun Ts FOCUS T25 Base Kit Home Workout DVD Program Review

With the Shaun Ts FOCUS T25 Base Kit Home Workout DVD Program, the results you can gain from one hour of training can be obtained in just 25 minutes a day!

The idea behind the Focus T25 workout program is simple – you will gain results if you focus your intensity for twenty-five minutes and do it five days a week.

Shaun T's FOCUS T25 Deluxe Kit - DVD WorkoutThe Shaun T T25 Base Kit comes with 9 DVDs, Nutrition Guide, 5-day Fast Track, B-LINES resistance band, ALPHA-BETA Workout Calendars and Quick-Start Guide. Read this Focus T25 review and learn what this program is really all about.

Get an hour’s results in just 25 minutes a day. The only thing standing between you and the results you want is time. That’s why trainer Shaun T experimented for the last year to design a program that delivers the same kind of results you’d expect from an hour-long program, in under 30 minutes…

Focus T25 Workout DVD Program Features

  • ALPHA cycle contains 5 mini-programs that last 25 minutes. The workouts help in building your foundation in the first five weeks of the program. DVDs included are Total Body Circuit, Speed 1.0, Cardio, Ab Intervals and Lower Focus.
  • BETA cycle consists of 5 workouts that last 25 minutes. This set focuses on the core and must be performed following the ALPHA cycle. DVDs include Rip’t Circuit, Core Cardio, Upper Focus, Speed 2.0 and Dynamic Core.
  • Get It Done Nutrition Plan includes recipes with only five ingredients and take five minutes to prepare
  • Quick-Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions for beginners
  • B-Lines Resistance Band provides up to 15 pounds of resistance
  • Stretch – Extra 25-minute routine that focuses on muscle relaxation and flexibility. It can be completed after the 5-day workout.
  • 5-day Fast Track provides you with a head start
  • ALPHA-BETA Workout wall calendar shows what kind of workout should be accomplished every day
  • 24/7 online support

How Shaun Ts Focus T25 Works

Shaun T's FOCUS T25 GAMMA Cycle DVD WorkoutThe Shaun Ts FOCUS T25 Base Kit contains 2 of the 3 T25 cycles – ALPHA as well as BETA. The 3rd cycle is GAMMA, a 4-week intensive exercise program designed for those who have successfully finished the ALPHA as well as BETA programs.

ALPHA is a 5-week program that focuses on building the foundation of complete body fitness. It consists of:

  • Cardio – Twenty-five minutes of cardio exercises
  • Ab Intervals – Ab and cardio intervals that get rid of fat from the midsection
  • Speed 1.0 – Boost your speed
  • Total Body Circuit – It focuses on your resistance and strength without lifting even one weight.
  • Lower Focus – It focuses on the lower body muscles. This increases your metabolism and fat burning ability.

BETA is a 5-week program that focuses on the core to take your body to Shaun T's FOCUS T25 Base Kit - DVD Workoutnew levels. It consists of:

  • Core Cardio – Progressive cardio-core workout aims to help you lose weight fast
  • Dynamic Core – From vertical, you’ll go horizontal then back again in this routine.
  • Speed 2.0 – Shaun’s core-focused and calorie-burning speed drills will boost your weight loss efforts.
  • Rip’t Circuit – Get your upper body, abs, cardio and legs moving and get ripped within twenty-five minutes.
  • Upper Focus – This program will develop your upper body. You just need to focus to achieve your goal.

A bonus workout is also included in the Shaun T T25 Base Kit. This is called Stretch and done after five days of hard work.

How Will Shauns Focus T25 Help You to Get The Best Body Workout Ever?

The Shaun T T25 is effective as it implements focused interval training. You will burn more calories in a shorter span of time. Since each workout concentrates on a single area, you will see significant results like firmer muscles and ripped abs sooner.

Many people usually give up and quit exercising as they don’t have enough time to go to the gym or work out at home.

This is because most routines require at least one hour. The Shaun Ts Focus T25 only lasts around twenty-five minutes every day, so it doesn’t harm your schedule.

You just need to allocate twenty-five minutes of your time every day to do the exercises in the program and that’s it.

Since the Shaun Ts Focus T25 is extreme and quick, you will not get bored. Each workout also has a person doing modified versions of it. These modifiers reduce the level of intensity for those who cannot yet do the actual exercises or are just starting out.

The Shaun Ts Focus T25 also comes with 24/7 live support. You can chat with a customer service representative from BeachBody if you have questions about their products. Since they can be accessed 24/7, you can contact them anytime you want.

Shaun T's FOCUS T25 Base Kit - DVD WorkoutWhat You Might Not Like About Focus 25 Workout Routine:

Like other programs out there, the Shaun Ts Focus T25 also comes with some disadvantages. You may encounter some issues with the DVDs themselves like freezing and skipping. Getting the approval of your doctor is also a must.

You should do this before you start off with the Shaun Ts Focus T25. Keep in mind that not all exercises are ideal for some people. Those who have concerns with their knees should seek the approval of their doctor first.

So Is The Shauns T25 Home Training Program Worth It?

The Shaun Ts Focus T25 is one of the best fitness programs for those who don’t have time to visit the gym, but want to get ripped abs and a fitter body. So do not delay and get the discounted product today!