Setting SMART Workout Goals

How to Set Workout Goals for Your Home Workout Routines and Achieve Them!

The problem many people have when doing at home workout routines is that they start some exercise plan, but never stick to it all the way to the finish. That means they give up their workout program too soon and never see any results.

All they needed was to have some workout goals.

That is a very sad thing, because these people wanted to change something. Maybe they wanted to get rid of belly fat or they wanted just gain more muscle mass or they simply wanted to stay fit. Suddenly, when no results were seen fast, they quit.

It could be that their workout routine was not good enough. Or maybe they did not follow the fitness plan they have choosen dilligently.

Actually it does not matter what was the cause of their failure. What matters is that these people had the potential to become someone else, to transform their bodies and mind, but they did not and maybe they never will.

Because many people are so affraid of failing, that after couple of these failures, they will be so scared to challenge that fear again!

When I thought about creating this site, I wanted to target these people who failed and help them to transform their mind from FEAR state of mind to the SUCCESS state of mind.

So if you are one of the person who tried hundreds of different home workout routines and did not succeed, you are in luck. Here I will try to focus on giving you a detailed plan for setting workout goals that will transform any workout exercise plan to be the best at home workout ever and your mind and body will thank you for finally enjoying the feeling of success.

Setting the Best Home Workout Goals

As a martial arts instructor and personal fitness coach I have tought over 500 students or clients to master their body and mind. These people were from different cultures, different genders, ages, income level and other variables that play role in how people think and what they do.

workout goals no quitting

This made me very aware of each person differences and I must say that no workout exercise plan will be or should be the same for each individual. Even seemingly same exercise as martial arts training of kettlebell training will be performed slightly differently by each person, even if I teach them the same moves.

This alone tells us one thing — you have to create your own workout goals and not follow or copy someone elses!

Please read the above sentence at least ten times and really think about it.

Why do you need to have your own workout goals?

Simply understand that GOALS are nothing more than a great MOTIVATION TOOLS. This means that if you follow or copy someone elses fitness goals, you have no idea what motivated that person to create such thing for himself. Therefore when you blindly follow that person, you will soon get bored, skip easily workout days and not achieve anything.

So please, here I will tell you how you can set up workout routines goals in a way that you will follow them. They will be your map towards success.

So now its time to create your own workout goals and transform your mind and body. Please take a pen and paper and write down any ideas that will come up to your mind as you read these steps.

5 Steps to Creating SMART Workout Goals

  1. S – SPECIFIC:
    You need to set a very specific goal, not a vague one. You really need to know what you want to achieve and write that down.Than read it couple times and try to listen to your instincts. Is that really what you want? Why do you want to have this specific goal?What would happen if you do not have this?You simple do not want to say – “I want to lose weight:. But you should say somthing like this: “I want to lose 10 pounds of pure fat by …enter date…” or “I want to achieve 10 correct one arm pull-ups by the end of this year”…
    Most problems with setting up any goals is that people have no way how to see if the steps they are making are bringing any tangible results. So in order for you to see if what you are doing works for you is to be able to measure your progress.How do you do that?Simply you measure things at the beginning and during the whole process, so you know if you are on the right track. So if your goal was to lose 8% of body fat, you should measure your body fat levels at the beginning, so you know if you are actually losing fat when you measure again in a week or two.
    Now, let’s be realistic! Think about your goal and see if it is attainable. Because if you set your workout goal too high and your steps will not help you to reach it, than you will feel bad about it and this only will put you into more fear of trying to do it again.But even if your first goal does not workout the way you like, donot despair. Learn from it, understand that you probably had not realistic expectation, change the goal and do it again.Most successful people like business owners or professional athletes had failed so many times before reaching the level they are at right now.

    So if you never done a push up, do not set your goal that you achieve 100 push ups withing 1 month. That is not realistic wrokout goal.Start small, like 5 push up every day for one month. After you achieve that, set your goal higher, maybe 15 push ups everyday for a month etc… Bu the 4th or 5th month, you can try to do 4 series of 25 push ups every day, thus achieving a goal of doing 100 push ups.

    If you have never run in your life, do not set a goal to run a marathon. Maybe set a 5K goal and work on that one. Than set a 10K goal and after you reach that one, go one step higher until you reach the goal for a Marathon run.

    This is called natural progression workout method. It works wonders and you really need to take time to set a specific, measurable and attainable fitness goal for yourself.

    Like with anything in your life. You need to be realistic! Look at every component of yourself. Look at your genetics, your current fitness levels, your fitness experiences so far etc.When you look at these aspects, ask yourself: “Are these aspects helping you to achieve your fitness goals or are they not in a state that they can help you to succeed?”If they are in a position of helping you to achieve your goals, great! Go for it full speed. But if they are not, than take a deeper look into them and make sure you improve these aspects so they can help you out in your journey.

    For example:
    You are a bit overweight and never run in your life. Please do not start running! You will destroy your joints and quit in just couple of days. Instead, start walking slowly around your block. Walk everyday for at lease 20 minutes. When you feel ok after a week or two, start combining the walk with a slow run. Build it up to a point where you can run around your block for 20 minutes. Only then, you should go and go full speed ahead with your goals you wanted to achieve.

    The last step in setting your workout goals is to set a timetable. It’s nothing more than a plan of how long you give yourself to attain your workout goals.Based on what you have read here, you know that obviously large goals will require more time for you to achieve them. So break those large ones into smaller chunks and work on attain these short-term goals first.By achieveing all of the short-term goals, you will automatically reach your ultimate one that you always wanted to achieve.

smart workout goals

Now, you have some great information about setting your workout goals for your home workout program, but understand that these will help you to achieve anything you want in your life. If any one of your goals is Specific,Measurable,Attainable,Realistic and have the right Timetable, you will succeed and reach them.

Set Workout Goals to Avoid Injury

One last thing I want you to understand about setting these SMART workout goals is that they are made in a way to avaid injury. Many people without having correct plan will not know what to do and usually end up hurting themselfs.

Common fitness injuries are teared muscles and bad joints. Those will put you out of training for a very long time. And you won’t be able to complete your workout goals on time.

So please listen to your body as well. Make sure that your planning takes a lot of consideration for your current state of body fitness and always its better to start slow and increase the workout intensity gradually than doing all you can in your workouts and damage yourself for good.

If you do not have any specific workout routines you can follow, but you still want to change your body, you can visit our home page about the best home workout routines, where you can read about the top 3 fitness programs that I personally tried and endorse. Just chose the one that you think you will enjoy to do.

All three of them have their own way to measure and attain your workout goals, so when combining what you have learned here with any of them, you are guaranteed to succeed!