Losing Weight With Autumn Calabrese

Want To Lose Weight Fast? Try It With Celebrity Fitness Trainer Autumn Calabrese!

People nowadays are getting more and more conscious about their health and fitness level. However, with all the different claims about the perfect fitness plan out in the internet, it is no wonder that people get confused on what the perfect diet or fitness plan will work for themselves.

A lot of people who are planning to get fit will try almost anything that claims to be effective in keeping them fit. One such program is the 21 day fix workout schedule formulated by Autumn Calabrese.

Here is a review of this 21 day Calabrese program and what you can expect from the program.


What is it This Fat Loss Workout Program All About?

The 21 Day Fix is a workout program that promises of up to 15 lbs. of weight loss in a span of just 21 days. It incorporates an exercise routine and a nutrition plan that must be followed religiously so that people will be able to achieve their desired beach body.

Designed by a Celebrity Fitness Trainer!

Autumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix - Essential Package

As far as credibility is concerned, the designer of the 21 Day Fix Workout is very much credible. Autumn Calabrese is well-known as a celebrity fitness coach under the Beachbody brand. A champion bikini competitor herself, Autumn Calabrese has been helping people and celebrities lose weight and get fit through her training and portion control regimen. Calabrese decided to help people to lose weight by sharing her successful fitness program that involves exercising regularly and portioning the food that people take in.


What Does This Package Comes With?

The 21 Day Fix package comes with materials and literature that is intended to give maximum results if they are used correctly. This is the itemized contents of the 21 Day Fix package.

Autumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix - Essential Package


  1. Start Here. The package comes with a “Start Here” guide which breaks down everything and gives you a simplified overview of the entire 21 Day Fix program. It also gives you a workout calendar which itemizes the type of 30-minute exercise that you will need to do for 3-weeks. The Start Here guide also gives you a breakdown of the eight exercises and what each exercise will do for your body as well as the materials that you will need to perform each exercise. The Start Here guide also includes a transformation tracker where you could take in all your body measurements and track their progress as you go through with the program.


  1. Eating Plan. The Beach body 21 day fix package also comes with an eating plan booklet. This booklet is essentially the ‘holy grail’ to this program since it explains how to use the color-coded containers and what to put in them. The eating plan also comes with recipes and their corresponding calorie counts which you can follow during your 21 day diet.


  1. 3 Day Quick Fix brochure. This is an additional literature that will give you an option to boost your weight loss program especially if you want to look leaner for a special event or occasion.


  1. Additional brochures. There are 2 additional brochures inside the package which includes information on how you can get your 21 Day Fix t-shirt and information about shakeology. Shakeology is basically a process of making a protein drink that will serve as a meal replacement.


  1. Color-coded containers. The 21 Day Fix package also comes with seven color-coded containers that will be used for portioning the amount of food that you should take during the entire 21 days. Each color of the container corresponds to the type of food that you can put in them. The largest container is the green container which is used for vegetables. The next container is the purple container which is the same size as the green. This purple container is for fruits. The red container which is slightly smaller is for portioning your protein. The yellow container is for the carbohydrate-rich food such as your grains and bread. The blue container is for the healthy fats such as avocados and almonds. The smallest of the containers are two orange containers which are for oily food such as mayonnaise and dressings.


  1. Shakeology Container. This container comes as a free gift when you purchase a 21 day Calabrese package.


  1. Workout DVDs. There are 2 DVDs that come with the package that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do the workouts and daily exercises. You can simply just watch these videos and follow Autumn Calabrese during your 21 day fix workout schedule.


How to do the 21 Day Fix Workout Program?

The basics of the 21 Day Fix is for you to acquire a habit of performing simple exercises daily and for you to portion what you are eating based on the amount of calories that you need to maintain to give you enough energy throughout the day and still lose weight.


  1. The exercises. There are 8 types of exercises that are easy to follow especially since you can just imitate what Autumn Calabrese is demonstrating in her workout DVDs. The first two weeks of the program will require you to do one or two of the 8 exercises 30-minutes per day. On the third week however, the amount of time required for doing the exercises are doubled to an hour. Here you can do a 30-minute exercise in the morning, and then do the other 30-minute exercise in the evening. The exercises in this program are quite creative and fun to do and are designed to burn fat effectively so that you can look better than ever. Autumn Calabrese demonstrates each exercise in a ‘not-in-your-face’ and calm manner. Imitating what Autumn Calabrese is doing is fun since she has a motherly demeanor which is quite motivating. Her energy level in the DVDs is not too high that it can be called as scripted or staged.


  1. The portioning. The eating plan included in this 21 Day Fix package is very easy to follow. Simply put, if the food doesn’t fit into the color-coded container or isn’t on the list, then you cannot eat it. The eating plan is not the same for everybody. You will get your own calorie requirement based on your ‘before’ measurements such as your height and age. The good thing about the color-coded containers is that when you get used to it, it is a lot easier than calorie counting. Portion control of the food that you will take works better if you religiously adhere to your eating plan. The best way to do this is to make sure that you record your food intake in the tally sheets. It is easier if you pack your food in the designated containers so that you will know how much of each food you can take in a day. During times when you go out for family dinners, you can always take note of what you ate and then look it up at the eating plan since it also list down common restaurant foods which would correspond to the different color-coded containers.


The 21 Day Fix program is absolutely a great value for your money as it indeed gets results. Although I did not get the full 15 lbs of weight loss, I did however see a significant difference on how I look. However, in order to get the maximum results, you should stick to the eating plan and the 21 day fix workout schedule. No excuses are allowed.

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