Lat And Back Workout At Home (Dumbbell HIIT edition)

Following on with our dumbbell HIIT series with a Lat And Back Workout At Home. Light dumbbell HIIT edition. Again like the other HIIT home workouts , this will only take around 15 minutes

But 15 minutes will be all you need with this Zeus Fitness workout to get an awesome back workout with dumbbells

Same format as with the other. We will be doing 3 exercises , each for 20 secs with 10 secs rest in between and repeating that 4 times

Then moving onto 3 different back and lat exercises. Some back exercises that are done with the likes of the pull down machine are hard to replicate at home

But with these exercises I think we have everything covered meaning we are targeting each section giving a good over all lat and back workout with dumbbells

So grab your light dumbbells and a drink and lets smash it

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Till the next one


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