Good Home Workout Routines for Beginners

Are You New to Fitness and Exercise Programs  And Have No Idea Where to Start? Here Are The Best 2 Home Workout Routines for Beginners…

Many people who start working out or follow some type of exercise regime make the mistakes of overloading their muscles right at the first workout. Maybe even you would do this mistake and I would not advice to do so.

The reason is that your muscle will be sore more that they need to be, resulting in longer recovery time. So you will not be able to continue working out for at least couple of days.

If you want to have some serious results, you need to start slowly and do your training consistently, otherwise you will not get the result you are expecting.

First of all, you need to set up some smart fitness goals. Without them, you will be most likely lost in the first week of your program and that is surelly a first step to failure. And you want succeed right?

Second tip I want you to understand is that you should stick to some basic exercises and not to venture to a program that you just saw in late night show TV advertisement.

These workout dvds you see in TV do sound like they are working for a lot of people, especially with all the fantastic success stories you see.

But I have to warn you. These programs can hurt your body and even your mind when done without mastering some basics first.

After a long search all over the net, because I wanted to give you some ideas about how good home workout routines for beginners should look like and  I have discovered two great videos that will show you how little you need in order to start working out.

This first video is about mastering the basic exercises that you should be able to perform with no problems. If you do not, you need to continue doing them untill you can make them smoothly and without any problems.

You will learn how to do correctly push ups, triceps dips, pull ups and squats. These simple bodyweight exercises should be enought to make your joints, ligaments and muscles used to more advanced fitness routines.

Please watch this carefully and do not forget to take some notes. In this way, you will completely know how to do these workout routines more safely and soon you will see how your body get stronger naturally.

Here is the Workout for Beginners video No 1



So, now you know some basic exercises that you as a beginner should start doing. I cannot stress that enough, but please make sure you really understand each of the exercise and you can perform them without slacking or cheating. This first video is good for developing basic strength requirements that you need.

If you cant perform those basic 4 exercises, you should not do any other advanced workout routine.

Here is the video No 2 – The Fat Loss Workout Routine for Beginners


As you have seen, on this video you have been shown some fat loss exercises that are also not so complicated to learn, but will give you some amazing results.  This routine is only 7 minute long and because it combines only 4 exercises, it is one of the best exercise routine for beginner who want to get strong and lose some excess fat at the same time.

These basic exercises are:

  1. push ups — 30 seconds
  2. toe touches — 30 seconds
  3. squats — 30 seconds
  4. high knees — 30 seconds

And what you do is perform one after the other and after you finish the first cycle you will have 30 seconds rest. And all you do is perform this series 3 times.

This is kinda high impact fitness routine and you should do some simple warm up exercise before doing these. Also you should be drinking water, because you will be sweating a lot.


The Complete Home Workout Plan for Beginners

For the best result you should be doing the exercises in the first video 3 times per week and the fat loss routine featured in the second video 2 times per week with two days off.

Also great idea is to always switch the program every week.

So second week, you will perform the strength exercises from video 1 only 2 times and the fat burning workout as shown on the second video 3 times per week and again, you will have a two days off.

The third week, you will again switch the program to the same one you performed during the week one etc…

When you see that you are achieving some great results and you will feel that you do not do anymore progress, I would recommend to continue your training with any of the workout programs that we have featured on our home page. Any of the 3 is excellent for developing nice, lean physique in the comfort of your own home and it does not matter which one you will pick.

Hopefully, you find this beginner home workout routines helpful and most importantly try them out for at least 4 weeks and see how your body feels. Just do not become one of the people who are searching for information, but do nothing with it.

Only reading or watching above mentioned home workout routine videos is not enough! You need to apply the knowledge you just learn, or no result will appear. Is that simple.


Enjoy the workout!