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Bulking and cutting is one of the most popular methods of adding muscle fast, but does it work the way you hope it would? In this video, I’m going to show you how you can actually build muscle and burn fat at the same time and significantly change the look of your body by doing so. I will also cover some of the potential pitfalls on the way to the perfect bulk and cut that could be undercutting your end result.

To start, it helps to discuss what the theory behind bulking and cutting is for putting on muscle. That discussion needs to start with a determination of what you ultimately want to look like at the end of your bulk and cut. If your goal is to wind up with nothing but pure lean muscle gain then you will have to identify that and understand that your cut is going to have to be precise and must be able to last for the duration. In other words, you will have to cut until every bit of excess body fat that you put on is no longer there, while making sure not to compromise any of the lean muscle mass you added in the process.

If on the other hand you simply want to add “size”, for lack of a better term (meaning pack on partial amounts of lean muscle and body fat) then your goals and the practicality of the process would become much simpler to adhere to. For the purposes of this video and channel however, we are assuming that the end product of your bulk and cut would be to add pure lean muscle gains without body fat hiding what you have done.

With this said, I argue that this whole process does not have to be segmented into a bulking phase and a cutting phase but rather can be achieved at once (with a significant impact on how you look and feel at the end). By being hypo caloric and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance you can definitely add muscle and burn fat at the same time, albeit at a slightly slower but much more consistent and maintainable rate.

When the longevity of your appearance and gains is what is paramount, the alternative of spending half the year fat and a few months comfortable enough with your physique to take off your shirt is not an option. When you bulk and cut at the same time you can walk around 365 days a year looking your best while steadily accruing lean muscle year over year.

The risk of bulking and then cutting is often that the adaptation to going into a sustainable hypo caloric diet becomes daunting and as soon as it cannot be maintained, the results are lost. Many people will enter into a bulk and never fully come out of it. There are many a gym filled with guys spending hours each week on cardio trying to reverse the effects of a long ago bulk gone wrong.

If instead you focused on staying slightly hypocaloric while increasing your protein intake to support positive nitrogen balance needed to keep a net protein synthesis, you would find that you could add pure lean muscle more consistently. Now, this process will be a slightly slower one than trying to force your body to grow more quickly but the end result will be more sustainable and consistent.

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