Best Full Body Workout Routines For Strong And Sexy Body

Searching for Total Body Workouts? Discover the Best Full Body Workout Routine That Will Make You Look Hot and Strong!

In the past 20 or so years, people got really obsessed with the way they look. A lot of men and women want to have the supermodel or action movie star body and therefore hoping that searching for terms like “Wolverine Workout Plan”, “The Spartacus Workout” or “Batman Muscle Building Routine” will give them the only answer they are looking for.

hot and sexy body of ripped athletes

These people and you might be one of them are starving for the best total body workout routine program that really works.

And because most people watch a lot of TV, they think that if they like the sexy body of their favorite action star, they just need to follow it.

But I have a shocking news for you…

You will never get the same results as these celebrities and they will never reveal their true exercise and eating plan.

But do not worry, you really do not need to go to such an extreme and look for these types of workouts.

In fact, just about any exercise is great for your body. The rest is all done by eating the right fat burning foods and having enough rest, so your exercised muscles could feed themselves on your fat and repair themselves to be even stronger than before.

So What Is The Best Total Body Workout Routine?

As I said earlier, there is no such thing as best or top fitness program. They all have a lot of great benefits and because your body is very adaptable, you need to be constantly switching up your exercise programs to completely challenge your muscles and mind.

Every person can have their favorite workout routines and what works for me does not necessarily work for you, but here are few recomendations that you could chose from…

Total Body Calisthenics Workout Routines

Calisthenics is a very old exercise system that originates in ancient Greece. The gladiators and ripped body weight calisthenics exercise routinesGreek warriors from Sparta endured this plan almost on starvation diet, yet they have become the most fearful fighters the world has ever seen.

Calisthenics got very popular in modern times, but most of the people who thing about this fitness program think that this is only good for cardio workout and burning fat.

But the truth is that the so called “old school calisthenics” still exists and it is not all about cardio  and fat loss.

One of my favorite Calisthenics program is the one that is created by group of people calling themselves as The Bar Brothers. When you look at their bodies, you can clearly see every muscle on their body chisseled almost like a statue of the Greek Gods! Not a single one of these guys have an inch of fat! Take a look at their story here and see what I mean.

Because of calisthenics is great even for beginners and that you do not really need any equipment or if you choose, only a simple ones like chin up bar for example, you can do this anywhere and it completely fits the working out at home idea that this site is all about.

Each exercise can be done in different levels, so if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced working out enthusiast, you can be sure that the only gym you will ever need is your body!

Full Body Kettlebell Workout Routines

kettlebells workoutsSince I am an martial arts instructor, the other complete body workout routines I add to my normal calisthenics body weight plan is exercising with the russian kettlebells. The kettlebell program is also very old system of helping the practitioner to develop very strong muscles, ligaments, tendons and all inner muscles that are needed to help to stabilize the whole body and help the bigger muscles to become stronger.

There are many great companies that are producing the Kettlebells in many designs and weights. But if you want to buy kettlebells, the best ones are the ones that are made from the cast iron and come as a one piece. Recently there are a lot of other ones made from rubber and these are easily to break. You really do not want to have the kettlebell fall off the handle on your head. Here you can find some great kettlebells to practice with.

I have started to read a lot of books written by a Russian Kettlebell expert Pavel Tatsouline and you can find most of them on for some fair price. But as I am a visual guy and reading instruction is not enough for me, I have found the Minimalist Strength Daily Kettlebell exercise routine produced by Travis Stoetzel the best.

He clearly shows on his videos the warm up for kettlebell workout, stretching, explains the proper form and finally shows you how it is supposed to perform those exercises. Also the eating suggestion helped me to stay lean (even if I cheat and eat some big burgers or pizza once a while)…

Build Insane Strength And Mad Skills With Progressive Calisthenics
mma complete body workout program

If you think the way I am and understand that the body has to be challenged all the time in order to grow stronger, leaner and want to make your body the perfect fat burning machine, you will love the Full Body Calisthenics routines, created by the Calisthenics Academy.

They are enabling anyone regardless ability and time to get on The Journey Of Building Strength With Calisthenics.

This training was designed to help you to build insane strength, mad skills and gymnast-like body with progressive Calisthenics.

I believe that if you follow that program you will achieve your absolute peak body performance and develop lean and functional muscles.

With this complete body exercise program you will definitelly build up a lot of muscle strength, power, conditioning and improve your overall athleticism of your body.

I hope you have paid attention through this long article, but as you can see, I did not start telling you about the BS workout routines you see everywhere on the net or TV.

Most of these will make you to go to the gym all the time and I am going to tell you that the best way you can achieve the total full body workout that will produce great results are the simple old fashioned exercise programs and not some modern weight lifting in your local gym.

And believe me when I say that fitness gyms will not make you stronger… I own one, so I know that people who lift weight using only the machines are not using their muscles to the maximum potential. In fact, most of them can not even perform some of the basic calisthenics exercises or they breathe heavily going up hill or to a stairs.

Is that normal?

No way!

Your body has to be able to carry you easily, you have to walk, run and do all the body movements that are designed for your body to do with no problems… if you can not do it, something is wrong and the top 3 workout routines I described above will make you much more stronger.

And on the last note — please, do only the exercises tham brings you joy and do not force yourself to do something you do not like. You will never stick to it and therefore you will only waste your time and money.

Have fun!