Best at Home Workout Program for Weight Loss

Home Workout Program for Weight Loss – The Only Thing You Need If You Are Wondering How to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat in the Comfort of Your Home

You have probably tried to get rid of your fat on all kinds of places, signed-up for many group classes at your local fitness center, but the truth is that — IT DID NOT WORK!

Why I know this?

Well, you are still looking for at home workout routine that will help you to lose weight. And I would do everything in my powers to give you some great information about the best exercise program I believe will change the way you think about physical exercises.

First of all there are couple myths in the fitness/weight loss industry that needs to be addressed.

Home Workout Program – How to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

  • Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought that your face, thigh, arms, belly etc is fat? Well, you are not alone!
  • Have you ever wondered how to get rid of that thight, arm, face or belly fat? Well, again. You are not alone!

I have no idea where this came from, but really I want  you to understand that you cannot target speicifc area on your body and thing that you will lose fat in that place.

What I mean by that is that if you are concern about getting rid of stomach fat, you would normally think that any ABS or stomach exercises would help you to lose your belly.  But I am going to disappoint you. The ab crunches won’t help you to burn fat at all. Maybe a little bit.

fat-burning-zone-mythIn order to lose fat, and it does not matter where it is, you need to get into to FAT BURNING zone and to do that, you need to challenge your body with all types of exerices. Prefferably the ones that will move the most joints and muscles at the same time.

Also please do not mistake the FAT BURNING ZONE with a diagram that you have might seen it in many publications about weight loss or fat burning routines that professionals call THE CARDIO ZONE.

Sadly, many people still believe that you need to keep your heart rate in the safe cardio zone and they will be burning fat. The problem with this is yes, they might be getting some weight loss due to this exercise plan, but what if I tell you that you might burn at least 3x more fat cells stored anywhere in your body, not just belly, face or arms.

Would you give it a try?

Of course you would. Especially, if that exercise can be done in just couple minutes a day! Why would you bother to go to your fitness gym and try to run for an hour on eliptical trainer, keeping your heart rate in the “MAXIMUM FAT BURNING ZONE”, that does not work, if you can be done in just couple minutes and burn a minimum 3 times the fat!

How can that be possible?

A Trick That Will Help You to Burn Belly Fat Way Faster Than Anything Else!

Now I really need you to pay attention.

high-intensity weight loss trainingRemember we talked about doing the workout exercises in so called Cardio Zone, but that is way slow paced exercise rythm that will only help you to burn fat shortly after you finish exercise. So if you want to lose weight this way, you would need to spend hours and hours every single day to achive your desired weight loss goal.

But, if you start doing some higher paced cardio exercises that challenges all types of muscles and joints, your body will get into a “METABOLIC SHOCK” and will burn fat longer even after your stop your workout. And this can be as much as 24 hours!

You see, with this at home workout program, you do the routine in just couple minutes, but your fat cells will be getting burned the whole day! You really need to try it to experience it, but you will see the difference. Best part of all of this is that you do not need to waste even more time driving to the gym. Because your home will be your gym.

Losing Weight vs Losing Fat Battle — What Is The Best Way to Get Nice Body?

Here is the last thing I would like to really understand. The weight loss or fat loss? I hear this all the time. Many people want always to lose weight, but they do not realize that it’s not correct way of putting things into their mind.

I want you to get the difference and start your workout programs at home with a proper mindset.

Basically when you just lose weight, it might be a water loss, muscle loss or fat loss.

If you just lose weight as a water, its definitelly not good for the body, since we are made of water. Actually 75% of our body is made just by water. If you try to remove it, you health will suffer.

If you follow at home weight loss program that will put you on a diet or removing some parts of the food groups, you might compromise your body composition. When you will be on starvation type of diet for a prolonged periods of time, you will shut down your metabolic switch and instead of fat, your body will start decomposing your lean muscle tissue. This is very dangerous way of trying to lose weight.

Also when dieting this way your body will start to store even more fat on your body, just because it will try to protect itself. The brain will think that you are not eating because you have no food and store fat so it can be used for later, just in case you will not have food for additional period of time.

Finally we come to the point of losing weight as a fat.

Now, this is the best option for you. You always have to strive for a fat loss rather than anything else. There are couple things you need to know about fat:

  1. A pound of fat is about 5x larger than one pound of lean muscle.
  2. You do not have to lose weight on a scale, but your waist, face,arms or thighs will look smaller.
  3. When losing fat and preserving lean muslce, you will never become a victim of fad diets rollercoaster known as yo-yo dieting.

CONCLUSION – What Is The Best At Home Weight Loss Program?

Simply it is a system of the right exercises done at the right speed, challenging your body in a way that it has the potential to burn fat even up to 24 hours after you finish your workout!

This type of exercise does not require you to:

  1. Go to the gym and use cardio machines
  2. Spend hours of doing the same boring routines
  3. Buy hundreds of dollars worth of weight loss supplements

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