Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix Essential Package Review

Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix – Essential Package Review

In 21 days, you can have an awesome low body fat figure and be beach-ready for a trip. Look drop-dead terrific at your future reunion, wedding, vacation or just look hot and sexy everyday.

With this home weight loss workout program for women you will be well on your way to reaching a significant and rapid weight-loss goal.

All you have to do is to decide, set a smart fitness goal and let the  21 Day Fix diet and exercise plan do its magic…

Autumn Calabreses 21 Day Diet Fix – Essential Package by Beachbody

If you want to lose weight, choosing the best and effective weight loss plan is absolutely important for your success. There are many weight loss programs accessible on the market at this point in time, so how can you choose which one is ideal for you? If you are looking for the right weight loss program to follow, look no further as 21 Day Fix Diet is here to help you.Autumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix - Ultimate Package

What is 21 Day Fix Weight Loss Program

The renowned and effective 21 Day Fix is a fitness and nutrition program which makes weight loss simple and obtainable for all. An essential package has two DVDs with extreme trainings, eating plan and colorful food containers, which are intended to help individuals in reaching their weight loss objective.

The Person behind this Weight Loss Plan

Autumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix - Ultimate PackageThis awesome weight loss workout program for women was created by Autumn Calabrese, a notorious fitness competitor and certified fitness guru.

Autumn has trained many celebrities which include Brooke Burke and Tome Bergeron, hosts of the renowned show Dancing with the Stars and Rachel Zoe, a renowned star stylist. Inside the Beach body 21 Day Fix, the author shared her passion and knowledge of fitness so as to help others change their body and lives for good.

She made this program with an aim of educating users regarding fitness, how to develop lifelong healthy habits as well as portion control.

What is Included in the 21 Day Fix Program?

Some of the reasons why this program is popular among fitness enthusiasts include:

  • Six workouts plus one bonus workout on two DVDs
  • Seven color coded portion control container
  • 21 Day Fix Start Here
  • Shakeology Shaker cup
  • 3 Day Quick Fix
  • 21 Day Fix Eating Plan

Simple and Easy Fitness

If you are set to burn calorie in just 30 minutes, then brace yourself as the 21 day challenge workouts were made short for you to get in and out of your day. However, that is no reason for taking the workouts easy. All the workouts will test you at each level to make the most of your fat loss and there is always a modifier to display how to lessen the intensity without sacrificing the benefits.

The 21 Day Fix Weight Loss Program Comes With Seven Easy to Follow Trainings in 2 DVDs

  • Complete Body, Cardiovascular Fix that keeps heart rate up as well as body metabolism high after completing the workout.
  • Lower Fix. Tone and firm the whole lower body while blasting fat as well as burning calories at the same time.
  • Upper Fix. This targeted resistance workout helps shape the back, chest, arms, shoulder as well as abs.
  • Cardio Fix. This gets your heart working and the body moving as you are shedding away fats.
  • Pilates Fix. This strengthens the core, firms the thighs and hips and elongates muscle.
  • Yoga Fix. Enhance flexibility, balance as well as strength as you help relax your muscles.
  • Additional Dirty 30 Workouts. Four rounds of fat burning workout aid carve out a stronger, leaner body.

Simple EatingAutumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix - Ultimate Package

Disregard ounces, calories and cups when it comes to weight loss. Simplicity leads to success. The 21 Day Fix comes with 7 color-coded containers as well as shakeology cup that offer exactly the appropriate portions each time. This prevents you from eating too much and eating too little. Fill the cup with the food that you want.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 21 Day Fix

Since 21 Day Fix was presented to the public, it has gained lots of positive reviews from those who tried this product. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using this product for you to know if it is right for you or not.


The best thing about 21 Day Fix is that it can be used by almost everyone, regardless of gender, age as well as special diet.

  • This is a cost efficient fitness program.
  • No or minimal equipment required to finish the trainings
  • Short trainings are simpler to fit into hectic schedule
  • There are alterations in the training videos for people with restriction, letting them do it at full potential.


  • Training could be dull and boring as there are repetitive exercises.
  • You will probably need additional containers and they can be pricey.
  • Cool down and warm up periods are short and look not enough
  • Just have seven workouts compared to other programs made by Beachbody that has 10.

Conclusion – Is The Autumn Calabrese Workout Plan For You?

In a nutshell, this new 21 Day fitness weight loss program is a remarkable plan but the results depends on you. If you are disciplined, determined and committed, then this will give you the result you want.

Get this product now if you are ready to face a 21-day challenge. If you want to upgraded version, go for the 21 Day Fix EXTREME Package.

In 21 days, you can be beach-ready for a vacation. Look drop-dead great in any situation. Or be well on your way to reaching a major weight-loss goal that will let others envy you. And all you have to do is decide, so are you ready for your extreme body makeover with this best fat burning program any woman should own in her workout DVD library…Let’s get started!


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