Abs Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

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If you are the type that does not get sore from your abs workout, then you need to see this. The sore in 6 minutes series continues with the ab workout edition. With just a few ab exercises and a single weight plate, I’m going to show you how to train your abs hard enough to elicit post workout muscle soreness regardless of how difficult it is for you to do right now and more importantly…get a six pack.

As you will see, there is no substitute for hard work. This ab workout works by trading in workout length for intensity. The sooner you are able to convince yourself that your effort will determine the ultimate development of your abs the faster you will be able to get that to happen. That said, it’s time to describe exactly what you need to do in this workout for your abs.

Begin by laying on the floor and reaching over head to grab hold of something you can anchor your arms to. The first ab exercise is one that you will use to overload your lower abs eccentrically. It’s called the dragon thrust. Roll your back towards your head and thrust your legs out while lifting your entire butt and back off the floor at the same time. Slowly lower your legs to the ground and repeat for 45 seconds. The lower the angle of your legs as you straighten them, the harder this ab exercise becomes.

Next you will perform the thread the needle exercise on one side for 45 seconds. Here you want to try and prevent over rotation of your core while reaching under your body as far as you can and then regaining the starting position. Be sure to keep your transverse abdominis activated to hold your core tight as you perform this entire ab exercise.

Next, select a weight plate that you will be able to perform at least 10 reps with of the crunch plate press exercise. On a decline bench, anchor your feet and then press the plate you are holding straight up overhead. From here, slowly lower your body back down the bench and prevent over extension by contracting the abs hard and eccentrically controlling with the upper abs. Pull the plate to your chest, sit up and then repeat for 45 seconds.

Finally, perform the cliffhanger climbers for 30 seconds. This is a mountain climber variation that is performed with your arms out in front of you much more to increase the demand on your abs and core. This position would normally want to make your body extend, but you want to work extra hard to prevent that from happening as you hold your plank tight and work your abs more than ever.

Take a 15 second break and then repeat the entire sequence one more time for a total of a 6 minute ab workout.

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