Join me for a 30 minute home kettlebell workout including your warm up and cool down! 10 different exercises repeated twice! Let me know what other equipment videos you’d like to see next!

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My POBox:
Carly Rowena
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40 seconds on / 20 seconds off, repeat twice!
1. KB Deadlift,
2. Good Mornings,
3. Russian Swing,
4. American Swing,
5. Single arm swing,
6. KB Clean,
7. KB Russian twist,
8. KB Reverse crunch,
9. Overhead lunge,
10. Push-press.


For all business Inquiries please email: carlyrowena@me.com


Instagram: @carlyrowena


Camera: Canon G7X or Canon 5D Mark III
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Thumbnail Editing: Canva


*Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this video is something I have spent my own money on and adore, if not, or it’s sponsored by a brand I love then i’ll always pop it below and in the description above.

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