15 Min Home Ab Workout (HIIT EDITION)

In todays Zeus Fitness workout hitting a 15 Min Home Ab Workout. Continuing again with the HIIT workouts as will this one be.

You guys have been enjoying this kind of mini HIIT series so its time to finish up the muscle groups by hitting the abs.

That will mean we have hit the chest , shoulder, back , arms , legs and now the abs.

Again like all the others , the same format and just 15 minutes

3 ab exercises x 4 rounds of each. Each exercises done for 20 secs with 10 secs rest before moving onto 3 different sets of exercises.

This workout will cover the upper & lower abs and the obliques and you should feel this one for a few days.

So what are you waiting for , free up 15 minutes, grab a little space at home and lets do this

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Till the next one

Train Like the Gods

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