15 min Dumbbell Push Workout At Home (chest, shoulders & triceps)

In todays Zeus Fitness workout we are doing a Dumbbell Push Workout At Home. This will target the chest , the shoulders and the triceps

So what is a push workout. Well it is exactly that. Exercises that involve pushing movements. Pushing yourself or pushing weight away from you

The same way a pull workout would be pulling things towards you or pulling up which we will do in another workout

But for a dumbbell push workout it will mainly target the chest, shoulders & triceps

For this workout we will be doing 2 exercises per muscle group , each exercise will be performed 10 times and we will repeat that lap 3 times

This should only take around 15 minutes. But with no breaks trust me thats all it will take

As we are just concentrating on the 3 body parts today in this push workout , I would say you can try and up your weights being lifted if possible for an even tougher workout

So give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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