My company is located in xishan economic development zone, jiangsu province, is one specialized is engaged in the automation control system research and development and manufacturing of complete sets of high and low voltage electric power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing, technical advice and provide the company products development and after-sale installation engineering services of high-tech joint ventures.

     The total investment of the company is 57 million yuan, the registered capital is 44 million yuan, the floor area is 21688 square meters, the total construction area is 31,675 square meters. My company has a wealth of equipment manufacture and complete sets of engineering experience, the company involved in the services sector mainly include: the density of coal preparation plant automation and process control system, computer information management system, industrial TV monitoring system, power plant coal SPC system and auxiliary machinery automation control systems, industrial wastewater treatment process control system, automation systems engineering design and technology transfer and technology consultation, and to provide a high level of technical support and pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. Our company has passed iso9001:2000 quality system certification and 3C national compulsory product certification, and obtained the electronic engineering professional installation qualification.

     The company currently has high-quality technical personnel and a large number of professional theory and practical experience, including engineering and technical personnel of the company accounted for 35% of the employees, senior technical personnel 8 people, intermediate title 23 people, most of the staff engaged in years of scientific research and engineering design, project implementation, and held a number of large automation projects the person in charge of the project, with rich professional knowledge and practical experience, to provide first-class design for customers, first-class products, first-class service.

     In the long term, the company constantly optimizes the organizational structure, and USES the scientific management method to gradually form the quality management system, which provides scientific and effective guarantee for the improvement of enterprise competitiveness. The company has been awarded the honorary title of "jiangsu quality trust enterprise" and "wuxi heavy contract and trustworthy enterprise" and "three A credit enterprise". Company will focus on the existing products do fine do big, aim at the international latest technology, advance development of new high-tech products, hand in hand with the development of new and old customers to the company become the pioneer of the domestic industry.